Tablet Fever


It’s true. I have tablet fever.

I’m using iPad 1 and iPad 3 with retina everyday at work. We are now publishing our publication in 3 places: print magazine, web, and tablets. My main responsibility is to edit the content within the app, including creating and testing hundreds of links. I absolutely love it.

My company is a very Apple-friendly place. The editorial and art departments both work on Apple products, and we only create tablet versions of our publication for Apple products.

But after seeing this commercial, I can’t help but wonder…should I push for my company to start producing for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet?

I saw this commercial and it blew me away. Yes, it’s marketing. Yes, it’s Google and they have an infinite amount of money to produce fabulous commercials. But I’ve never held a Nexus 7 before, and after watching this commercial, I really want to.

In this Apple-dominated tablet industry, it seems impossible for anyone to challenge the beast. But if I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on Google giving Apple a good fight.

I’m still in love with Apple products and always will be. But as the tablet industry grows, I’m interested in trying out new products. I can’t wait!


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