I’m acting…as a Managing Editor


This is a really exciting, yet challenging month for me.

The Managing Editor at our publication had to take time off for a family emergency. While she’s away this month, she asked that I take over her duties and responsibilities. I am now well into week 2 of this new responsibility, and I definitely have a new outlook on how much work she does!

I’m going above and beyond my usual duties as editor this month, which I LOVE! I’m keeping up with my usual workload, but I’m also keeping tabs on the editorial and art production schedule. I’m helping other editors with their respective projects, and I’m trying to get everyone working together to produce our upcoming September issue.

I’m learning a lot about myself throughout this process. I’m learning that I’m a great multitasker. I’m learning that I can handle pressure well, and that I can make quick decisions when I need to. I’m learning that I can delegate work to others on my team, but I am also assigning myself projects and deadlines. I’m learning that teamwork is absolutely essential throughout the entire production process. I’m learning that communication between teams and team members is KEY.

Most importantly, I’m learning that I can be a strong, dependable manager.


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