Classes Keep Your Technical Skills Fresh


Adobe brings us phenomenal software such as InDesign (my favorite) and Photoshop, two Creative Suite programs that allow users to create print and digital projects. These programs are great tools for creative and editorial minds alike; they allow artists to perfect their craft and allow editors to have a say as to how their articles are designed.



What’s great about Adobe’s programs is that they are ever evolving. New, upgraded versions of these programs are available every year or so, providing users with new tools and shortcuts around every corner.

It’s really important to keep up with the newest versions of Adobe programs. Since I use InDesign every day at my work – a publishing company that prints magazines – I definitely want to keep up with the newest version of the program. A couple of months ago, I approached my supervisor and suggested that our team should freshen up our InDesign skills by taking an online class.

She loved the idea, and we signed up for the MediaBistro class that day.

It’s been a month after the program finished, and I can now say that it was truly a great learning experience. Our teacher walked us through important steps to create and update InDesign documents, and she also showed us new shortcuts that saved us so much time with our projects.

If anyone is thinking about taking an Adobe class, definitely do it!


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