Now that I know the basics of tablet/digital publishing, I want to continue to learn more about iPads and other tablets.

Enter @TabTimes, my new favorite Twitter account.

@TabTimes sends me daily updates about, well, tabs, and I can’t get enough of it.

So why do I follow @TabTimes?

I really enjoy that @TabTimes follows the newest technologies, plus I also like reading trends and statistics about how consumers use their tablets every day. For instance, @TabTimes recently posted:

Study: Young and elderly taking an increasing interest in #tablets, #iPad use will almost double in 2012.

While the tablet industry is growing rapidly, I need to make sure I can keep up with daily updates by visiting @TabTimes, Apple blogs, and other sites, such as Mashable.


As an editor at a publication, I realize the importance of reaching your target audience quickly and efficiently. While my work at this magazine began mostly in print, there is now a major shift occurring in our office.

We’re going digital.

That’s right, my fellow editors and I are learning the ins and outs of converting our monthly publication into an iPad app.

And let me say this: It. Is. Fantastic.

Using the app company Mag+, our publication is quickly learning how easy it is to publish our content digitally. We’ve already mastered print and web publishing, and now we’re onto bigger and better things.

As part of the App team, I’m working with the Art and Editorial departments to collaborate content that is posted on our iPad app. Using InDesign, I’m linking to articles and web pages on our website, which will allow users to quickly find information referenced within the iPad.

After the linking process is over, I’m testing each page of the app (think of it as a digital flipbook of the print magazine, only this time with interactive links, videos, and pop ups). I’m sort of a QA tester to make sure everything works in the app.

We will now publish our magazine as an iPad edition every month, which spreads our wings to new users who may be interested in only viewing our content on the iPad.

Have you ever used your iPad to read magazines? How was that experience for you?