Learning…The Digital Way


Have you ever taken an online class?

I’m halfway through my first ever online class and I must say that I LOVE it!

Ever since I graduated a few years ago, I’ve been dying to learn new skills. I miss learning! Luckily for me, my employer agreed to let me take my very first class: InDesign for Writers and Editors.

I love this class. While I had a basic understanding of this Adobe program (minored in Interactive Digital Design in college…) I sometimes find myself stuck when I’m creating magazine spreads at work. This class is a great refresher course, plus I get to ask the teacher questions while she’s lecturing, which is great.

Over the past decade, online learning has become more and more popular. For example, this Boston Globe Q&A explains how many people choose online learning. It states that UMassOnline (online classes and degrees offered by UMass), “started in 2001 with what was then a few dozen students. Now, we serve 20,000.”

This example shows that online classes are common and accepted more than they were in the past.

While I’m currently not pursing a higher degree (but I absolutely want to in the future…), I’m still thankful that I can continue learning through online classes.

Have you had a good or bad experience with online learning?


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