Why Did You Unfriend Me on Facebook?


Have you ever been in this situation? You’ve been friends with an old coworker, schoolmate, or acquaintance on Facebook for a few years now. You’ve seen their updates, their comments, pictures of their new home or baby. Maybe you’ve even interacted with them online on a regular basis. Then out of the blue, you visit their Facebook page, only to find out that you’ve been unfriended.

How could they do this to you?!

I’ve been unfriended on Facebook a few times. Each time, I thought to myself, “What did I ever do to her?” After a few seconds of hurt, I moved on. To another Facebook page. Then I completely forgot about it.

I read an interesting article, which included an “infographic” (short for information graphic, which is a large statistic report shown graphically), that discussed this very topic. Social strategists polled 1,800 social media users to find out why they friend and unfriend people on Facebook.

The poll found that the number one reason why Facebook users remove friends from their Facebook list is because a friend made an offensive comment. The second most popular reason was that they did not know the person that well.

Since I don’t consider myself offensive on Facebook, I’d like to group myself in as Reason #2 why I was unfriended those few times.

I find this infographic extremely helpful when trying to understand why people use social media. Whether I am using social media for personal or professional reasons, I always like to think about my audience. When I’m posting on my personal page, I like to think about how I can connect with friends through sharing personal stories, photos, and interesting links I find on the web. When I’m using social media professionally, I always consider my target audience and why a Facebook post should be important to them.

Check out the infographic for yourself!


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