Social Media and Football


It’s Sunday.

How do I know it’s Sunday? Could it be my New York Times Sunday Edition arrival? Or my HBO Sunday night line-up?

No, it’s neither. I know it’s Sunday because I logged onto my social networking sites today, and pretty much the ONLY topic people talk about is — you guessed it — football.

If you’re logged onto any social media sites on Sundays and Mondays during the fall months, you are well aware of the football-related discussions and arguments that ensue.

Discussing football woes and triumphs through social media has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Social media statuses are now a hub for men and women alike to cheer for their favorite team, diss their biggest rival, and offer their overall NFL commentary.

Social media is a great way for friends and strangers to interact (both positively and negatively) about football-related topics before, during, and after games. One big perk about social media is that it offers second-by-second (play-by-play, if you will) updates about current games as they are happening. This feature is especially useful to sports fans who want to discuss football immediately.

Social media conversations about football (and sports in general) are ideal for fans who do not have access to televisions to watch games. These fans can receive immediate updates and can have detailed conversations through social media sites, making Facebook and Twitter important information hubs.

Overall, social media sites are great conversation starters for sports fans, and even non-sports fans.

And you will never forget what day of the week it is if you log onto Facebook on Sundays.


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