Is Twitter Still Stuck in High School?


Out of the 175+ million users on Twitter (I’d like that number reevaluated to include ONLY ACTIVE accounts…but that’s neither here nor there), I’d like to bet a good portion of these users are tweens and teens.

The number of Twitter users is astounding. No wonder the site always crashes!

This statistic is a little old (March 2011 Business Insider article).

My question is: Is Twitter Still Stuck in High School?

It’s a valid question.

Sure, there are users from every age group (children, teens, adults, elders) but it seems that Twitter is constantly taken over by highschoolers.

Whenever I see trending US topics such as “JUSTIN IS HOT” (current trend, and I can’t help but think this directly refers to the one and only Justin Bieber), I always think that teens are taking over Twitter. Trends are a great way to reference what people are talking about every day.

Another reason why I think Twitter is still stuck in high school is based on the Top Twitter User Rankings & Stats which shows the accounts with the most followers.

At the top? Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. Thankfully, Obama comes in fourth, which gives me some hope for Twitter users.

It’s not that I hate highschoolers or have a problem that so many users are teens, but it’s definitely something worth noting!


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