Using RSS Feeds for the Job Hunt


Recently, I’ve been looking for opportunities to volunteer near my home or virtually. There are dozens of great websites to find volunteer jobs, but I often find myself forgetting to go visit one website or another.

Enter the RSS feed.

RSS graphic

The RSS (RDF Site Summary) feed allows anyone with an e-mail account to subscribe to a website’s updates, new blog posts, and yes, even job postings. Once you subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular website, you are notified either by e-mail or news feed on your e-mail homepage. You can unsubscribe at any time, too.

But no longer will you have to bookmark every site you love, or try to remember to visit each individual website daily. RSS feeds eliminate the need to do so.

Job hunters: this is the awesome part. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for job sites, internship sites, and volunteering sites. Websites like Monster and SimplyHired are job posting giants. You may also want to research other job boards that are industry specific, such as IT or medical job boards. If you’re into internships and volunteering, Idealist is the way to go. Don’t forget to sign up for Craigslist RSS feeds, but be prepared for an overload of updates daily.

RSS feeds are great resources for job hunters. Using feeds saves time and energy when looking for new opportunities. I definitely recommend looking into how RSS feeds can help your job search, or more generally to help you keep up to date with your favorite blogs or websites.

Here are a few resources on using RSS feeds:’s how-to

lifehacker’s explanation

Try it for yourself!


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