Last year I finally figured out how to use RSS feeds to my advantage. Key word FINALLY!

Get to know this button...NOW!

Before combining my favorite sites to my RSS feed, I would spend hours catching up on these sites and blogs. It was exhausting to say the least.

Going through my list of favorite sites is always fun. It seems like it is always growing. I am always looking for smart, insightful and relevant sites to follow.

Below are a few of my favorite Social Media sites that I follow. Enjoy…and visit their sites!

  • Mashable: A great site that constantly updates on the latest Social Media trends, advice and important networking sites to keep an eye on. Mashable is definitely a leader in the Social Media news arena. It even has a section dedicated solely to startups, which is a great tool for entrepreneurs and investors alike. My personal favorite part of the site is “Social Good,” which showcases technology that benefits people around the world. This site is a definite must read if you’re in the Social Media business!


  • TechCrunch: This site is great for tech nerds like me. It provides timely news and updates about Internet trends as well as the ever changing world of mobile media. There are sections dedicated to Android, iPhones and Blackberrys, respectively. I try to keep up with this site so I know what’s hot this week in technology (and so I know what phone I should buy next!)


  • Digg: I love Digg because it finds the most random (yet completely interesting and relevant) blog posts from around the Internet. Fact: The more Diggs a post has, the more likely I will read it. It’ just how I am.

Chris Brogan

Social Media Explorer

  • Social Media Explorer: Jason Falls is another Social Media expert with a lot to say. His site is dedicated to all things social and it keeps me on my toes at all times. A good read!

So there you have it. A short list of my favorite Social Media sites. I’m subscribed to dozens of feeds, but these are the ones I rely on the most to give me updated information about Social Media.

Any suggestions on sites I should look into? Let me know!


The best piece of advice I received in the past six months:

Only you can steer your car in the right direction. Nobody else will grab the wheel for you if you fall asleep.

Translation: You and only you can control where your life is heading. If you want a new job, go for it. If you want a raise, ask for it. Nobody will hand it to you.

Corny, I know. But it’s good advice to live by!

In other news, John Mayer has come back into my life. We’re dating again.

Kidding, but my song of the week is: