Men vs. Women Coworkers


This subject has come up far too often for me in the past year: Men vs. Women Coworkers.

Which coworkers are easier to get along with?

Hey, men can bring the drama too, ya know.

At my previous job I had all women bosses and about 80% women coworkers. I got along well with most of them and I really made some close friends whom I still keep in touch with. As far as the men I worked with…It was a mixed bag of how close I got to them. I can name about 5 men who worked in my office and I really only got to know two of them really well. One was my age and the other was an older married man.

I didn’t think about it then, but was it easier for me to get along with the women or the men in my office? It’s hard to say since there were so many more women than men there.

My mother taught me some good lessons about women bosses before I started working at my old job. I enjoy working with both genders and I continue to find new things to observe about my coworkers (i.e. desks, clothing, interactions).

Have others experienced good or bad experiences with different genders in the workplace? Hmmm…

I’m sure I will revisit this topic soon.


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