Tales of a List Maker


I’m a List Maker. I make lists. Of everything.

Really, everything.

Story of my life.

The one huge reason I refuse to give up my Blackberry is because I love the Calendar function – specifically the Agenda setting. In this setting I can literally plan out an entire day by the hour. AND it’s set up nicely for me in a list. I know iPhones and Droids probably have similar Calendars, but I’m stubborn and set in my ways.

Here’s what’s on my Blackberry’s Agenda today (in list form, of course):

  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Train station for monthly pass
  • Bagels
  • Mall: NY&Co, CVS
  • Brows?
  • Laundry
  • Practice programs
  • Hoarders and Intervention at 9

So you might read this list and think: Do you REALLY need to remind yourself to get a bagel for lunch?

And the answer is yes. Yes I do.

I’ve been making lists for a really long time. I blame this on my mother. When I was growing up, she left a row of lists on our kitchen counter every day. Some stayed there for a long period of time. Others were updated daily. I learned the benefits of list making at an early age and it just stuck with me.

Thanks, Mom.

So my thought of the day is…What would I do without my daily lists?! I would probably go nuts. I forget everything, especially if I’m stressed. My Blackberry is my world, sadly.

But it doesn’t stop there. I make lists on Sticky Notes at work, at home, in my car, everywhere. It’s the only way I can keep organized (and it DOES make me extremely organized, for the record).

I’m all for making lists. But at the same time I’m also up for suggestions of how I can remember things without writing (or typing) them out all day long. It gets tiring!

How do people remember things without writing out lists?



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