What the?


So what exactly are “Grownup Days” you ask? Well friends, let me explain.

The real world has a lot of lights everywhere.

Grownup Days are days consisting of commuting, work, happy hour, and Dancing with the Stars before bed. Unless DWTS is in between seasons, in which case SYTYCD can fill the void for a few months. If you had to Google SYTYCD, you might be reading the wrong blog. I suggest you go here instead.

DWTS returns September 19th!

I wasn’t paid to advertise the show, I swear. Back to the blog! So that’s the abridged version of Grownup Days. More to come. Also to come: the difference between College Days and Grownup Days. I’ll also cover Moving Home With No Job Days. That’s usually in between CDs and GDs.

I enjoy abbreviations.

This blog will cover everything from reliving college memories to things that amuse me on the commuter train to ANGRY CAPS LOCK COMPLAINING. No, just kidding. I’ll complain, it just won’t be in all caps.

Join me on my daily adventure as I transition into the world of 9-5, coffee chugging (note to self: blog about the difference between coffee chugging and beer chugging…) and complaining about grownup things.


And other things that people usually yell about.

Enter author. She is a twentysomething social media lover, avid reader and correct grammar addict (YOU’RE people, YOU’RE!). While her stories may seem exaggerated or just plain crazy, they are in fact 100% real…most of the time.

That's me gradumacating last May '10. Wahoo!


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