This subject has come up far too often for me in the past year: Men vs. Women Coworkers.

Which coworkers are easier to get along with?

Hey, men can bring the drama too, ya know.

At my previous job I had all women bosses and about 80% women coworkers. I got along well with most of them and I really made some close friends whom I still keep in touch with. As far as the men I worked with…It was a mixed bag of how close I got to them. I can name about 5 men who worked in my office and I really only got to know two of them really well. One was my age and the other was an older married man.

I didn’t think about it then, but was it easier for me to get along with the women or the men in my office? It’s hard to say since there were so many more women than men there.

My mother taught me some good lessons about women bosses before I started working at my old job. I enjoy working with both genders and I continue to find new things to observe about my coworkers (i.e. desks, clothing, interactions).

Have others experienced good or bad experiences with different genders in the workplace? Hmmm…

I’m sure I will revisit this topic soon.


Is there such a thing as being TOO prepared for the first day of a new job?

I think not.

Planning is my thing. I like to research, coordinate and practice for big events (umm…did I miss my calling as an Event Planner?!)

Organizing and list making (see previous post) are two things I excel at.

To me, planning is almost as much fun as actually carrying out the plans. Which is why I love planning nice vacations like this one:


Don’t you?!

I honestly can’t decide what’s more fun: Taking vacations or PLANNING them!

I’m a List Maker. I make lists. Of everything.

Really, everything.

Story of my life.

The one huge reason I refuse to give up my Blackberry is because I love the Calendar function – specifically the Agenda setting. In this setting I can literally plan out an entire day by the hour. AND it’s set up nicely for me in a list. I know iPhones and Droids probably have similar Calendars, but I’m stubborn and set in my ways.

Here’s what’s on my Blackberry’s Agenda today (in list form, of course):

  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Train station for monthly pass
  • Bagels
  • Mall: NY&Co, CVS
  • Brows?
  • Laundry
  • Practice programs
  • Hoarders and Intervention at 9

So you might read this list and think: Do you REALLY need to remind yourself to get a bagel for lunch?

And the answer is yes. Yes I do.

I’ve been making lists for a really long time. I blame this on my mother. When I was growing up, she left a row of lists on our kitchen counter every day. Some stayed there for a long period of time. Others were updated daily. I learned the benefits of list making at an early age and it just stuck with me.

Thanks, Mom.

So my thought of the day is…What would I do without my daily lists?! I would probably go nuts. I forget everything, especially if I’m stressed. My Blackberry is my world, sadly.

But it doesn’t stop there. I make lists on Sticky Notes at work, at home, in my car, everywhere. It’s the only way I can keep organized (and it DOES make me extremely organized, for the record).

I’m all for making lists. But at the same time I’m also up for suggestions of how I can remember things without writing (or typing) them out all day long. It gets tiring!

How do people remember things without writing out lists?


What the?


So what exactly are “Grownup Days” you ask? Well friends, let me explain.

The real world has a lot of lights everywhere.

Grownup Days are days consisting of commuting, work, happy hour, and Dancing with the Stars before bed. Unless DWTS is in between seasons, in which case SYTYCD can fill the void for a few months. If you had to Google SYTYCD, you might be reading the wrong blog. I suggest you go here instead.

DWTS returns September 19th!

I wasn’t paid to advertise the show, I swear. Back to the blog! So that’s the abridged version of Grownup Days. More to come. Also to come: the difference between College Days and Grownup Days. I’ll also cover Moving Home With No Job Days. That’s usually in between CDs and GDs.

I enjoy abbreviations.

This blog will cover everything from reliving college memories to things that amuse me on the commuter train to ANGRY CAPS LOCK COMPLAINING. No, just kidding. I’ll complain, it just won’t be in all caps.

Join me on my daily adventure as I transition into the world of 9-5, coffee chugging (note to self: blog about the difference between coffee chugging and beer chugging…) and complaining about grownup things.


And other things that people usually yell about.

Enter author. She is a twentysomething social media lover, avid reader and correct grammar addict (YOU’RE people, YOU’RE!). While her stories may seem exaggerated or just plain crazy, they are in fact 100% real…most of the time.

That's me gradumacating last May '10. Wahoo!