As 2013 winds down, I wish all of you a happy holiday season! See you next year!


Game On!


Game On!

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving at my house means food, family, and of course…game night! This time around we chose Catch Phrase and we had a fantastic time together as a family. We also learned some new vocab words along the way (added bonus, right?!)

Do you have any traditions with your family? Because I love ours!

Recently, we started up a book club at work with about ten coworkers. I have to say I love it! We just got into our second book, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, and I’m waiting to pick it up from the library next week. This is my first book club experience…so far so good! These are books I wouldn’t normally pick up off the shelves, making it exciting and interesting at the same time.

Are you in a book club? Any good book recommendations?

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